Kuldīga is one of the most charming and magical towns in Latvia. It is the pearl of Courland for those who appreciate history and charm. Kuldīga and its neighborhood is like a book of wonders – the more you read it, the more interesting it gets until you become part of it. Kuldīga is attractive to those who appreciate history, small town charm and cosy atmosphere. Here are some of the attractions that you can see and visit while in Kuldīga.

Ventas Rumba Waterfall

ssRumba tilts no augsas Valdis Skudre

This is the widest natural waterfall in Europe, with a width of 249 m and a height of 1.6 to 2.2 m. During spring and autumn, you can see fish “flying” over the waterfall.

The Old Brick Bridge across the Venta River

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The brick bridge has been in service since 1874, and at 164 m it is the longest bridge of its type in Europe . It was built in accordance with 19th century road standards, 500 feet long and 26 feet wide, so that two carriages coming from each direction could drive over it at the same time.

Alekšupīte River Waterfall

23att 07a Aleksupites udenskritums Sandris Kuzmickis

This is the highest waterfall in Latvia (4.15 m). It was altered in the 17th century so that the stream could be used to operate the first paper mill in Courland.

Town Garden


Home to more than 15 sculptures by artist Līvija Rezevska, this park is located in the old part of Kuldīga near the site of the castle, which was built by the Livonian Order and later used by Duke Jakob. During weekends of the summer season, it operates as an open-air cinema.

St. Catherine’s Lutheran Church

katrinas baznica 2020

The oldest church (1252) in Kuldīga. It is open to the public during the summer season. To observe Kuldīga from a bird’s eye view, you can ascend the church-tower for a donation.

Kuldīga District Museum


A pearl of wooden architecture rich in legends, Bangert’s Villa houses Kuldīga District Museum, which offers exhibitions, and events that raise public awareness about the diverse heritage of Kuldīga and its surroundings. The exhibition on the second floor is furnished as an apartment that represents the lifestyle of a wealthy citizen of Kuldīga in the early 20th century, while on the third floor visitors can enjoy the exhibition “Kuldīga Before Us” to gain an insight into the history of the town, its origins and historical development. Visitors can view valuable items from the museum's collection, and attend various exhibitions on historical events, art and distinguished personalities, as well as enjoying a unique view of the Ventas Rumba waterfall. Visits to the museum are convenient for families with children, people in wheelchairs, and seniors. Entrance to the museum is free of charge.

Kuldīga Old Town Hall and Town Hall Square (Rātslaukums)

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The Town Hall Square (Rātslaukums) was earlier used as a market square. Kuldīga’s Old Town Hall was built in the second half of the 17th century. It re-opened its doors in 2016 after reconstruction and currently it is home to applied folk arts studios, the tourism information centre, and a small exhibition hall. Near the town hall is a monument to legendary actor Ēvalds Valters.

Kuldīga Art House and library

28att Kuldīga sinagogue now a library

The former synagogue complex comprises three buildings — the synagogue (built in 1875), a prayer house and Jewish chapel. Following reconstruction, in 2011 the library and art house opened their doors to visitors.

St. Trinity Roman Catholic Church

29att Kuldiga zeme 140 of 1

The foundation stone for the church was laid in 1641 in the presence of Duke Jakob. It has one of the most ornate catholic church interiors in Courland.

The oldest wooden house in Kuldīga

30att autors Ričards Sotaks2

Set next to the Alekšupīte River, the house at 7 Baznīcas Street was built in 1670. It has an intriguing door with a skylight window, as well as an ancient weathervane with an image of a unicorn.

Kuldīga Restoration Centre

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Here, visitors can learn about traditional restoration techniques. For group visits, book in advance.

Artists’ Residence Art Gallery

12att Kuldīga Artists Residence

A hall where exhibitions of works by both young and established artists are held in summer.

Live Museum “The Story of Old Kuldīga’’

The interactive exhibition tells the story of ancient events in Kuldīga in an exciting manner. Discover the history of Kuldīga during the period of the Duchy of Courland and Semigallia.

Tour train Ludis

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The train takes its passengers through the town almost all of the year, allowing one to discover the streets, historic buildings, and events of Kuldīga. Duration of the tour ~ 50 min.

Jeweller Uldis Melbergs’ workshop and antiquities collection

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Visit flamboyant jeweller Uldis and his collection in the basement of a historic house.

Breakout game escape room

Participants are locked in a room that they have to escape from within 60 minutes by solving secret tasks.

Walking trail by the River Venta

taka 2021

A 2.5 km long walking trail along the River Venta, connecting the old Kuldīga brick bridge and the new bridge. The trail offers spectacular views of the old bridge and Ventas Rumba.

Mārtiņsala (blue flag Beach)

peldetava 2020

A beach with amenities and an active recreation area for children and adults, with changing rooms, toilets and a health trail. Mārtiņsala can be accessed by people with reduced mobility and mothers with prams.

Pool and steam bath


Available in the centre of the old town all year roud except summer.

Cultural Potato Field and the installation-stage “A Bigger Table Over My Table”

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Near the Venta River is a potato field where cultured potatoes grow. The potato field represents the poetry volume “Kurzemīte” (Little Kurzeme) by Latvian poet and writer Imants Ziedonis, as well as the fact that Duke Jacob introduced potatoes to the Duchy of Courland and Semigallia. The growing potatoes can listen to the Potato Field Radio, which broadcasts the thoughts of brilliant people, good music and cultural news. Everyone can connect to the radio broadcast with their own headphones. There is also the environmental installation-stage “A Bigger Table Over My Table.”

Stavenhagen’s house with mantelpiece and chest

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Over four centuries ago, King Charles XII of Sweden stayed in the house at 17 Baznīcas Street. According to legend, the king left a large clothes chest (2 x 2.5 m) in the house, partly built into a wall. There is also the largest mantelpiece in Courland.

Planning a trip to Kuldīga? See https://visitkuldiga.com/