Support for Entrepreneurship


Support for the establishment and development of a business:

  • Kurzeme Business Incubator (KBI);
  • Kuldīga Municipality Adult Education Centre;
  • Kurzeme Tourism Association (KTA);
  • Kuldīga Development Agency;
  • Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre.

The best examples of cooperation between the municipality and entrepreneurs:

  • Educating the present entrepreneurs and start-ups;
  • Summer employment opportunities for local pupils;
  • Support for the private enterprises in the cooperative society of agricultural services “Kuldīgas labumi”;
  • Cooperation with “Silja” Ltd. – scholarships to talented young people from Kuldīga unicipality for their university studies;
  • Opening of the Kuldīga branch of Icelandic company Ltd. “66 North” with 40 employees.

Benefits for the potential investors:

  • 90% of investment areas are connected to public utilities;
  • Kuldīga municipality has the lowest utility costs among other major towns and cities in Kurzeme Region.

Municipality Offers:

  • Property tax relief (up to 90% for investments in construction and purchase of new production equipment);
  • Use of municipal real estate (rent, long-term rent, rent-to-buy);
  • Free consultations on mobilising financial resources;
  • Cooperation with Kurzeme Business Incubator;
  • Organizing cultural and entertainment events;
  • Procurement of services and goods.